Final Competition Instructions

I can’t believe it but that is a wrap!  We are all done with the 2016-17 season at the Milford Camera Club and it is now time to make your selections for the Final Competition which will be on Wednesday May 24th.

Below are instructions on how to access and fill out the form:

First click on the Final Competition Form link from the Competitions menu.

Next enter your credentials as you would for any monthly competition.
Once logged in you should see the following:

To fill out the form start out by filling in your Member Number and Name in the first to input boxes.
After that scroll the list on the right hand side down to your name so you can see all your images for each category.  You will see that each category is colored to match the fields for that category on the form.  Once you’ve decided on your entries, simply copy and paste the title into of each of your three selections for each category into the corresponding fields in the form.  If your image is of an animal, this includes insects, you can click the next to each entry to make that image eligible for the Conrad Palmer Award.

Your form should look something like this:

Once you have completed the form click on the submit button and your selections will be entered into the Final Competition.

If you make any mistakes feel free to fill out the form again and drop us an email to let us know that you’ve done so.

If you have any questions or issue with the form please feel free to contact me.
Keep in mind there is no need to send me any digital files as I have them already, you’ll just need to bring the prints you selected with you to the competition.


Good Luck to Everyone!