Scores: 2017-18 January (Competition 3)


Athina BelliosASo many book, so little time88.58.5251
Heidi Minow PikeAChicago Night Lights888242
Athina BelliosARay78.57.5233
Heidi Minow PikeAEastern State Penitentiary788233
Michael DonahueAMt Fuji87.57.5233
Michael DonahueAGrand Hotel77.5822.5
Cathy OuthouseACowboy fixed in time7.57822.5
Cathy OuthouseAHow you do in7.57721.5
Loretta Paul GoldinAAFlowers & Lace88.59.5261
Mike LucasAAPolar Express8.588.5252
Rich KunschAAThe Great Ape8.58.57.524.53
Matt CollenAAGreat Egret8.58824.53
Kathie PowellAAUngreased Lightning8.58723.5
Mike LucasAABryce Canyon Sunrise878.523.5
Josh GoldinAAWanting a Cracker8.58723.5
Loretta Paul GoldinAASideview(flowers)78823
Josh GoldinAAAbandoned7.57.5823
Matt CollenAAElephant87823
Kathie PowellAATrain of Thought778.522.5
Rich KunschAAPikachu Boy77822

Digital Monochrome

Mike DonahueATemple87.5823.51
Mike DonahueACity Buildings778.522.53
Deborah CliffordADripping Wet7.57822.53
Athina BelliosABeautiful anime girl77.5822.53
Angelica BuehlerADumbo77.5822.53
Steve KaplanAttle RepairThe Barn Needs A Li7.568.5222
Athina BelliosAThe Black Cat7.57.5722
Angelica BuehlerAA Cloudy Day77721
Steve KaplanAAnchor Beach77721
Peter FeickARegensberg77721
Cathy OuthouseAChandelier Reflections677.520.5
Dan OrtalevaABlizzard Wheelchair66820
Pam KimberlyACircular Staircase66719
Cathy OuthouseAFactory City-Ready for Work66719
Pam KimberlyAWater-Gate66719
Loretta Paul-GoldinAAThe rider898251
Wil ElliottAAThe Docks889251
Kathie PowellAAI Can See For Miles And Miles8.58824.52
Matthew CollenAABoston Skyline888243
Wil ElliottAACity Hall at Night888243
Jon AspinwallAAWhite bird888243
Loretta Paul-GoldinAAWork glove7.58.58243
Kathie PowellAAStarting To Snow8.58723.5
Matthew CollenAAStratford Light79.5723.5
Jon AspinwallAAMoon rise78823M
Richard KunschAAthe incoming tide and tree78823
Joshua GoldinAAsedona formation87823
Michael LucasAAYellowstone scene7.57.5823
Bruce LippmanAAFirst Ride778.522.5
Jon AspinwallAATown Hall77.5822.5
Howard SiegelAAAlena778.522.5
Jon AspinwallAAI can bite67.58.522M
Michael LucasAAClimber77822
Richard KunschAAsax player7.57.5722
Joshua GoldinAAdoing surveillance77721
Howard SiegelAAShangrila67720

Digital Color

Athina BelliosAdaisie8.58.58251
Mike DonahueAUnder the bike bridge8.58.58251
Mike DonahueARows of crosses8.58824.52
Angelica BuehlerAFlying High8.58824.52
Peter FeickALotus878233
Athina BelliosAold rusty tractor7.57.58233
Deborah CliffordAStunning7.57822.5
Cathy OuthouseAWelcome to my Nest87722
David QuesnetteABlue Smoke78722
Deborah CliffordAPrickly87722
Cathy OuthouseASilent Strings77822
Peter FeickAIbis77.5721.5
Steve KaplanABamboo77721
Pam KimberlyABoat for Sale67821
Peter FeickAGoldfinch77721
David QuesnetteARed Gel67821
Angelica BuehlerASantorini Greece77721
Pam KimberlyACormorant Drying its wings67.5720.5
Dan OrtalevaALight Snow67.5720.5
Dan OrtalevaACop Dog67720
Steve KaplanACarousel of Light67720
Matthew CollenAAFirst Light OC999271
Jon AspinwallAAFemale cardinal999271
Richard KunschAASunlight on top of post998262
Kathie PowellAASetting The World On Fire8.598.5262
Matthew CollenAATulip898253
Joshua GoldinAAfoxy79824
Jon AspinwallAAnot her again88824
Bruce LippmanAAThe Cigar Maker88824
Wil ElliottAAFarmington River7.58823.5
Joshua GoldinAAsunrise87.5823.5
Richard KunschAAThis is my spot78.5823.5
Kathie PowellAASuper Moon Rising87823
Michael LucasAAGate House88723
Bruce LippmanAAOut from Darkness87823
Wil ElliottAAAutumn in Derby778.522.5
Loretta Paul-GoldinAAEngine 268.5822.5
Jon AspinwallAASun Rise87.5722.5
Loretta Paul-GoldinAARide em778.522.5
Michael LucasAALone Maine Pine77822
Howard SiegelAAThe Orient77822
Jon AspinwallAAWant to play67.5821.5M
Howard SiegelAAFairy Door67.5821.5

Digital Assigned

Wil ElliottDoor Stop8.58.58251
Jon AspinwallNine Doors8.58824.52
Bruce LippmanIndustry Abandoned78.5823.53
Cathy OuthouseJust A Green Door78.5823.53
Deborah CliffordA Work of Art887.523.53
Athina BelliosBrown wooden door87823
Cathy OuthouseCrowned Entrance87823
Jon AspinwallBarn Door78823
Loretta Paul-GoldinBalcony door88723
Michael LucasYale 2287823
Pam KimberlyDoor within a Door7.57822.5
Bruce LippmanAged Entrance77822
Dan OrtalevaOven Door Gingerbread77822
Deborah CliffordOld Barn Door77822
Kathie PowellHeads Up87722
Steve KaplanFront Gate77822
Wil ElliottEckley's Miners Village77822
Joshua Goldincolonial door67.5821.5
Loretta Paul-GoldinGreen door7.57721.5
Michael LucasDoor 197.57721.5
Athina Belliosbrown door67821
Joshua Goldinbehind the green door77721
Steve KaplanTeahouse Door77721
Pam KimberlyVenetian Doorway677.520.5
David QuesnetteStone House67720
Kathie PowellRustic Stripes76720
Dan OrtalevaSaint Peter Gate66719
David QuesnetteThe Blur - Duneaden66719

Digital Photojournalism

Jack FarrellHomeless799251
Cathy OuthouseSplitting the View88.5824.52
Athina Belliostime for some action888.524.52
Matthew CollenEscape8.58824.52
Richard KunschAn All American Musician87.5823.53
Joshua Goldinwomen's march7.58823.53
Kathie PowellHoly Moon At 4 AM77.5923.53
Joshua Goldinhow they really feel7.58823.53
Angelica BuehlerMacy's Thanksgiving Parade78.5823.53
Wil ElliottPirate's Life for Me8.57823.53
Matthew CollenChilly Kiteboarder87823
Dan OrtalevaChristmas Reflections78823
Steve KaplanLady Liberty87823
Michael LucasOne love One Heart7.57.5823
Richard KunschDifferent expressions of defeat87823
Athina Belliosjust chillin87823
Steve KaplanShipwreck87823
Jon AspinwallHappy Photographer77.5822.5
Jon AspinwallClassroom7.57822.5
Angelica BuehlerHigh School wrastlin77822
David QuesnetteJugging at the Photo+77822
Kathie PowellMoon Globe77822
Jack FarrellNo One Under 9077822
Pam KimberlyPopping a Wheely77822
Michael LucasStreet Band77822
Wil ElliottTime Square Selfie87722
Jon AspinwallUdvar Hazy museun77822
Dan OrtalevaEmmy Of The State77822
Cathy OuthouseHoliday Sweetness78722
David QuesnetteSteampunk Beauty86822
Pam KimberlyHanging with a Bovine67.5821.5
Bruce LippmanCotton Candy Joy77721
Jon AspinwallDaily Grind77721
Bruce LippmanJames Joyce Poet Laureate Ignored73818